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Erasmusreise Spanien 2024 #3

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Today we went to the beach on the Costa Brava. Llançà, the city we visited, is known for its strong winds called Tramontana. There is a saying in Catalan culture that refers to a person as «touched by tramuntana» (tocat per la tramuntana) when they behave oddly or seemly lost their marbles. Salvador Dalí, the famous painter from this area here, was often referred to as someone tocat per la tramuntana.

Llançà has a beautiful landscape because it is very close to the French boarder, situated at the spot where the mountain range of the Pyrenees meets the Balearic sea. We met at the train station in Girona at 8:40 and took the train there for about an hour.

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When we arrived it was very very windy. We went straight to the water and it got so windy that it was almost impossible to stand. We went for a hike along the coast and put our feet in the water at a small bay. Then we went back and ate at a restaurant and visited the city center of LLançà. Around quarter past four we took the train back and went to our host families.


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