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Skifahrt Oberstufe 2018 #4

[21.02.2018 | Bericht Skifahrt Oberstufe]Skifahrt 2018 9

Hey, what is up?
As you guys know, we are 12th graders and on a ski trip right now. It is really fun but we have not really done anything special at night, after dinner. So last night, we went to the ski-area again and did midnight sledging.

After borrowing the sledge we got up on the mountain again and had to walk a bit to the sledging path. We got ready and our teachers did a race, it Skifahrt 2018 10was so close up to the end, even a bit mind-blowing. During the race, the beards of the guys and the hair of the girls froze up as well as almost everyone lost their sledges because we got really fast. One of the girls sledge broke, lmao. The guy down at the borrowing store was really mad, some say even a bit drunk. We got back to the pension by midnight. We did three rounds of sledging.

As we continued our journey through the Alps of Italy, everyone got better at skiing and mastered their own style of skiing. Such as carving and the basics. We got really good. As we watched the beginners group skiing, we were reallySkifahrt 2018 11 surprised. One of the boys hurt his knee and another one hurt his leg so they had to go down the mountain to ski with the beginners group. While watching them, one girl fell and was hurt. Helping her was a mission impossible for the boy, because the boy also fell down and needed help as well. Luckily we do have our teachers to rescue us and so both of us were able to finish the slope.
As you guys can see, we are really having fun down here. Alright, later!

Lisa & Felix

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